The Art of Making Outrageous Friends

I’ve been blessed with some of the most courageous, “mountaintop” friends — the ones who are high vibe and inspire me to grow and keep my confidence high, who inspire me to grow and pursue my biggest goals and dreams. Even though we all enjoy the friends we have, you may occasionally think about making some new ones who are your mountaintop friends (rather than spending most of your energy with friends who prefer the low-vibe, energy-consuming valley to the mountaintop). You probably already know that finding close, loyal confidantes that inspire you can be difficult. But your life could change in many marvelous ways if you make some fascinating new friends.

Actively engage in these strategies to seek new, outrageous friends:

  1. Be bold. Most of the people you see would love to have additional friends. There’s no reason to fear rejection while attempting to make friends. People can appear disinterested for a variety of reasons. They might be busy, having a personal challenge, or just having a bad day. You’ll survive!

  2. Start with the people you see each day. Chatting with a stranger is more anxiety-provoking than talking to the person in the next cubicle. Try to make your casual friendships more meaningful. You might already have all the people you need to create a strong social circle.

  3. Be genuine in your interest of others. The most important part of connecting with others is demonstrating true interest in them. Avoid the mistake of trying to make others interested in you. Focus on them, instead. Be curious. Ask about their lives, hobbies, hopes, and dreams. Focus on the good to be found in others. You’ll find more people you like and admire if look for the positive.

  4. Join a volunteer organization. One of the best ways to widen your pool of friends is to join a local club. Those who join volunteer organizations care about others and want to make a difference in the world. You can even bring more meaning to your life and become a better friend yourself! Volunteer at a charity or community event. Nothing will help you get to know people as quickly as working together in a booth at a community fair or gathering. You’ll likely meet many others who are helping with the event as well.

  5. Take up a new physical hobby or sport. Engaging in an unfamiliar physical activity that peaks your interest can lead you to others who like the same activity and can teach you about it.

  6. Be open to meeting new people. On Friday nights when you’re out at a local restaurant, lounge, or club begin to notice others who approach your group to chat. Or perhaps you’ve been around the relatives of your friends and thought they were interesting, but you haven’t attempted to get to know them. Maybe one of them would be a great new friend to have.

  7. Meet parents of your kids‘ friends. Who knows, your next best friend may literally live around the corner from you. Maybe it’s that parent who picks up the kids at the mall after you’ve dropped them off. As a parent, making friends with other parents can provide you with helpful support as well as plenty of good times with someone with whom you have a lot in common.

  8. Attend church or partake in another weekly ritual. If you go to church, you already have at least some connection to others who worship th