• Sarah E. Flynn

The Hunt for Self-Empowered Employees

Relying on a talented group who communicates openly, fosters trust, and empowers each other results in numerous benefits for your business -- from increased productivity to an innovative daily mindset. At any level of an organization, continuing to encourage team members enables them to become their best selves, increasing their contributions and creating feelings of company loyalty. Who wouldn't love to have a team of people with decision-making confidence and self-motivation?

However, finding and hiring those empowered and confident employees that you can trust is often a daunting task.


Assessing Self-Empowerment During the Interview Process

But how do you identify these amazing resources in a day full of interviews? Here are a few of my favorite, highly-usable questions that you might find useful in your talent search:

Motivational Questions What motivates you to give your best, most energetic performance at work? Can you give us an example?

What are the plans you have to accomplish one of your life goals?

Behavioral Questions Tell us about a time when you exhibited empowerment, either in the workplace or other. Give us an example of a boss who did not encourage or empower you as an employee. (If this is an entry level individual, you might also ask this as "Give us an example of a professor who did not encourage and empower you as a student.")

Describe your favorite dynamic with a manager in the past.