• Sarah E. Flynn

10 Secrets of Creative People

How to Fight the Monotony of the Daily Grind

If you're anything like me, you have days where the sun doesn't shine, the coffee doesn't kick in, and you feel like time is dragging you down. As a mom who works from home, I also am constantly juggling and wearing many hats. This everyday hustle and bustle can become a messy struggle, a strange monotony of moving through being over-busy and uncreative.

10 Tips and Tricks Creative People Know & Live By

1. Get messy.

There is nothing more stifling and boring than having a pristine home with spaces that do not invite splashing paint or globs of glue. Artists-at-heart make sure to have a space (or many!) that invite creativity. In our home, we have a small studio space for dancing, a library of rich books and a writing desk, and a lovely backyard that allows for movement and play. My teenage sons have a keyboard and drums in their respective rooms, and my youngest has a small paint studio in a corner of the garage.

Make sure you allow yourself some room to breathe, sweat, scribble, and have fun creating. If your living space encourages it, you will be more likely to get messy!

2. Try something new.